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- Photoshop Tutorials - Rust Texture Tutorial - By: Ramiro S

This tutorial will help you create rust textures... you can play with the values to create different type of rust. I think this effects are really amazing and easy to use and you can create very good looking textures for Quake or your favorite Game.

- Step 1
Create a 256x256 document. Fill it with a color like this #B48138. Keep that color as tour foreground color and white as the background.
- Step 2
Filter -> Add Noise, use 15% Gaussian Monochromatic.
- Step 3
Filter-> Motion Blur, choose an angle for the rust and use 999% of motion.
- Step 4
Filter ->Distort -> Ocean Ripple, use Size 9, Magnitude 9.
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- Step 5
Create a New Layer and use Filter-> Render Clouds (don’t change the colors).
- Step 6
Change Blending Mode to Color Burn.
- Step 7

Create a New Layer, Fill it with the foreground color and Add Noise.

Change Blending Mode to Soft Light.

- Step 8

Now let’s add some more things

- Layer Merge Visible
- Duplicate Layer
- Use Filter -> Sketch -> Torn Edges in the duplicated layer. You will get something like this.

- Step 9
Change Blending Mode to Color Burn or Multiply.

You're done!
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