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- Photoshop Tutorials - Pixel Stretch Tutorial - By: FrozenToast

This tutorial will help you create Pixel Stretch Effect in Photoshop.

Pixel Stretch
1) Open a nice colourfull image (Im using one of windows XP's sample images)

2) Crop the image so that it isnt like a backround but more in the size of a header.

3) Go over to the Marquee tool, then click and hold down the mouse button. This should bring up a few more options to choose from. Select:

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- Pixel Stretch Tutorial
4) Once that tool is selected click just off center of the image. While the flashing dashes are there press: Free Transform (Ctrl+T)

5) This should have made the dashes disappear and a new transform like selection appear. Now by clicking and dragging the middle square to the right/left you should see the image being smeared.

6) Drag all the way to the end of the canvas and hit enter.

7) Now doesnt that look sweet? Play around with this technique and encorperate it in some of your images.

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