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- Photoshop Tutorials - Photoshop Toolbar Tutorial

This tutorial was written to introduce new users to Photoshop toolbar and each specific tool.

- Photoshop Toolbar
- Photoshop Tools
Marquee tool (M): This tool is used to select/cut different parts of an image.
Move tool (V): Used to move images or selected pieces of an image.
Lasso tool (L): Used to select specific parts of an image.
Magic wand tool (W): Used to select specific parts of an image.
Brush tool (B): Used for painting in Photoshop. Also, can be used to add color to the old pictures/images.
History Brush Tool (Y): Basically works like undo in Word.
Eraser tool (E): Used to erase part of an images.
Paint Bucket Tool (G): Used to fill image/selection with any color.
Blur Tool (R): Used to blur an image or a small part of an image.
Dodge Tool (O): Dodge tool used to modify pictures/images.
Direct Selection Tool (A): Used to direct select a specific part of a shape.
Type Tool (T): Used to add text to your image.
Add Anchor Point Tool: Used when editing a shape.
Rounded Rectangle Tool (U): Used to draw shapes.
Eyedropper Tool (I): Used to select any color from an image just by clicking on it.
Zoom Tool (Z): Used to zoom in and out.
Edit in Standard Mode (Q): Goes to standard mode.
Edit in Quick Mask Mode (Q): Goes to quick mask mode.
Standard Screen Mode (F): Goes to standard screen mode.
Full Screen Mode (F): Goes to full screen mode.
Jump to ImageReady (Ctrl-Shift-M): Used to transform work created in Photoshop to ImageReady.
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- Warning
Remember that not all of the Photoshop tools are described in this tutorial.
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