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- Photoshop Tutorials - Night Vision Effect Tutorial

Night Vision Effect Tutorial

This simple tutorial will guide you through the steps of adding Night Vision Effect to your photos
- Step 1

First, open image that you want to use.

Then go to Image - Adjustments - Desaturate

Your image should now be black and white.

- Step 2

Adding Noise:

Go to: Filter - Noise - Add Noise...

You can use any amount that looks good for your image, we used "8%"

- Step 3

Go to: Image - Adjustments - Hue/Saturation...

Make sure "Colorize" is on. Play around with settings to get the color that you want [dark green].

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- Step 4

Use Elliple Tool (U) to draw a circle in the middle.

Then right click on the layer with circle and select:

- Step 5

Now you need to use Magic Wand Tool to select area around the circle.

With the area still selected, create new layer and fill it with black color.

Deselect and delete circle layer. Enjoy your night vision effect!

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