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- Photoshop Tutorials - Matrix Repeating Background Tutorial - By: SystemDark

So, you want to make a matrix background? Instead of having a HUGE image, set a repeating background so that visitors will hardly notice the load time.

- Step 1
Make a new document. Make the dimensions to be whatever you want. I chose 150x150 pixels. Follow the matrix tutorial to get matrix effect first.
- Step 2
When you're finished with the matrix tutorial, go to Image > Canvas Size. Set the canvas to double the current size. In my case, it's 300x300. Make sure you select the top left corner of the anchor grid.
- Step 3
After you're done, duplicate the current matrix layer. Then go to Filter > Other > Offset. Make the horizontal and vertical offsets half of your canvas size.
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- Step 4
When you're ready, merge the two layers together. Then duplicate it. Then go to Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical. Then merge the duplicated layer with the original. Finally, go to Edit > Define Pattern. Name it 'Matrix Background.' Congrats, you're done! To fill a layer with the pattern you just created, go to Edit > Fill. Then find 'Pattern' in the drop-down menu, and find the pattern thumbnail.
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