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- Flash Tutorials - Flash Light Tutorial - By: Chad Freiling
Page 03
Ok, Two more things. One, We need to add a second frame for all the layers. Second we'll add a 'GoToandPlay()' action to the second frame.

First, to add the Second frame for the layers. Click and Hold on the 2nd frame in the 'Actions' layer, and drag downward to the 'images' layer. Now Right click on the selection you have made, and Select 'Insert Frame'.
Then on the 'Actions' layer frame 2, Right click and Select 'Insert KeyFrame'.

Adding Frames Adding KeyFrame
Now, with the 2 Frame of the 'Actions' layer selected Go to the Actions properties and Add a GoToandPlay() action.

Select 'Actions > Movie Controll > gotoAndPlay()

Again, you should see the 'Code Hint' box pop up. Where it says Frame, simply put a 1.
So the Code will look like: gotoAndPlay(1);

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Well, we're done now. So, save it. and Test it.
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