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- Flash Tutorials - Drop Down Menu Tutorial - By: Chad Freiling
In this tutorial you wil learn how to create a Menu button (drop down menu) in Flash MX. This tutorial is for Flash MX (which can be considered Flash 6). Although I have classified this Tutorial as Moderate to advanced, I have elaborated on few things, but I do asume that you have Basic to Moderate knowledge of Flash on converting graphics to Symbols and such.
Lets start out setting up the movie's properties.

Set the Size of the stage to: width 350 by height 230.
Make the background color White, and set the Frame rate to 22.

Now turn on the Grid so you can see it. To do this go to: 'View > Grid > Show Grid'. We also need to make sure that the gird is set up the same.
To Set up the Grid go to: 'View > Grid > Edit Grid'. And set up the Gird properties to: 18 x 18. Snap accuracy: Normal, Color of the Gird is up to you.
Now, We can start on creating the Button. that will end up being our Menu.

First we need to make a New Symbol. We'll start this by using the Rectangle Tool to create our rectangle. To do this Select the Retangle tool (press r). For the Fill Color choose 'Blue", and for the outline color 'Black'.

Create a rectangle that is: w:108 x h:18 (Which is 6 grid squares arcoss and 2 down).

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Now, we need to convert our rectangle into a Movie Clip. Select the movie clip, and go to: 'Insert > Convert to Symbol' (F8). Set the name for this new MC (Movie Clip) as: Menu. Set the behavior as: Movie Clip. The Click OK.
So, we have the main part of this button Done. Now we need to create the insides of this button. The insides of the button are where we have other buttons that hold our Actionscript. We'll do those buttons towards the end of this tutorial.

Go ahead and Save. Remember to save often.

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