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- Flash Tutorials - Drop Down Menu Tutorial - By: Chad Freiling
Page 3
First to start on the 3rd half of this tutorial. We need to add frames 6 to 10 to the following layers:
Note: Only add 'Insert Frames' to these layers. (See image below)

Text; Outlines; Menu action rect; Item action rects; Rolloff action rect

Everything you do after this point will be On Frame 6 of each layer. So you will not go back to frames 1 to 5 unless it is stated to.

To Start off lets make the the Item menu buttons. Create a box the same size as the Blue menu box. Lets make this one yellow. So it needs to be w:108 x h:18. (6 grid boxes across and 2 down). Set this Right next to the Menu MC. With Snap to on this will snap to its place. Now we need to convert it to a symbol. Convert it to a Button and name it: 'Popup Item Menu'. Make the button change color when the user Rolls over it. Now Copy and Paste about 4 more of these under the first one. Lock this layer for now.

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Next We move to the 'Outlines' layer. Unlock this layer if it is locked.

Select the Rectangle tool and for the Fill select 'No Fill' and for the Outline select 'black'. Now use the tool to draw an out line over each of the new Item menus. We need to do one more thing to the 'Outlines' layer. Select the arrow (pyramid) thing we made and rotate it about 45 degrees counter-clock wise (left to right).

Now On to the Titles of each New Menu Item. Go to and unlock (if locked) the 'Text' layer. Using the Text Tool create a Title for Each item button. (i.e Item 1; Item 2; Item 3; ect...)

Ok.. Now we can add some more actionscript. This action script will on each Item button. For an example Select Item Button 2. and place a GetUrl (or GotoUrl) action on it.

on (release) {

Our next thing is the 'Rolloff action rect' layer. If this layer is locked, unlock it. and select it. What this layer is going to do is act like a reset button. So when you Roll off of the Item buttons the MC will reset to its normal state. This button needs to be over sized, So, it is bigger than what our Item buttons extend to. So create select the rectangle tool. For the Fill use a 'light blue' color (or any light color) and for the Outline use 'No Fill'. And create a box that is greater in size than the Menu and its Menu Items are.

Next convert the box to a Button, Name it: 'Popup Menu Rolloff'. Then edit the button and make it so 'Hit' Frame is the only frame that has anything in it.
Notice that the gray area is only under the Hit frame. This is what your Roll off button should look like after you move the graphic to its HIT frame
Now add the Actionscript to the 'Popup Menu Rolloff'. The Action for this is a simple goto and stop on frame 1 action. Add the Script and your done!

on (rollOver) {

Your Timeline should something like the Image below:

There you go. You can use this style to create all kinds of different menus, buttons, ect... There are a lot of other things that you could do with this style, so mess around with the basics of this tutorial and try things out.
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