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- Photoshop Tutorials - Creating Tubes in Photoshop - By: Heathrowe

Learn the easy way of creating tubes in photoshop.

- Step 1
Start off with a Background Layer set to Black (#000000).
Set the foreground color to the one of your choice, I used #4873AE for the main tube Shape.

Now select the Ellipse Shape tool on the toolbar and draw in the shape as i have captured.

Exact positioning/placement requires either 'Path Selection or Direct Selection Tool' on the toolbar to be selected, and then right click on the path, then choose 'Free Transform Path. Right-click on the Free Transform bounding box and choose the Distort to position.
- Step 2
Repeat the above process with the Ellipse Tool, except make sure the 'Subtract from Shape Area' option is ticked.
Thats the one on the far right of what I have captured!

As you can see, the basic Shape is now visible. (Again requires 'Free Transform/Distort' to position it into place as I have done!)
- Step 3
Go the Layers Palette, right click on the layer and choose 'Blending Modes' and select the options as I have captured below.

- Step 4
Drop Shadow Mode Options: Drop Shadow Color #101841

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- Step 5
Inner Shadow Mode Options: Inner Shadow Color #BECAE1

- Step 6
Inner Glow Mode Options: Inner Glow Color #C4CDE6
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