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- Photoshop Tutorials - Creating Realistic Blood in Photoshop - By: Matt Wegrzyn

This tutorial will teach you how to create realistic blood in Photoshop.

- Step 1
Open the picture that you would like to use for this tutorial.
- Step 2
Open your layers palette from Window > Layers and create a second layer. Now take your Lasso tool and make a circular outline of where you want the blood to be as displayed on the image.
- Step 3
Fill the area selected with the lasso in a dark red color and select the layer as Color Burn on your layers palette. Deselect the selected area if you haven't done so yet.
- Step 4
Now head over to your Tool bar and pick the smudge tool. Be sure the brush size for it is rather small.
- Step 5
With the smudge tool, smudge the blood down until it looks closer to being realistic.
- Step 6
Select the Burn tool, located to the right of the smudge tool on your Tool bar.
- Step 7
With the burn tool, deepen the blood wound by making it darker on the critical spots which should be the middle. Take a look at my image to see how I did it.
- Step 8
Finally, go to Filter > Texture > Texturizer. Once the box opens up, select Burlap for your Texture. Scale it to 200%. Give it a Relief of 2 or 3. Now press OK and you are done!
Take a look at the final product. Not bad huh?
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