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- Photoshop Tutorials - Mini Comets Tutorial - By: Shinta

Learn how to create Mini Comets in Photoshop with this easy tutorial.

- Step 1

Create a new canvas of any dimension and a black background. Make a new layer and click on the Brush tool with these settings -- Size:25 Hardness:0 Color:white -- For advanced versions of Photoshop (6.0 and 7.0) make sure the airbrush icon is active.

Scatter the dots randomly on the canvas.

- Step 2
Now to make the TAILS! For a straight tail, grab the and make a new work path on the same layer by clicking on the center of one dot we just made.
- Step 3

Connect that path by clicking again on any direction outside the dot. Just leave that work path for a minute and choose the Smuge tool .

In the smuge tool, use these settings -- Brush size:12 Hardness:0 Pressure:80 and check Finger Painting -- Advanced versions of Photoshop should have the airbrush tool active.

- Step 4
Ok, now go back to the and right click over the work path you just left. Choose " stroke subpath " and choose Smuge on the dropdown menu. Click OK.
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- Step 5
Right click again and choose Delete Path.
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