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- Photoshop Tutorials - Butterfly Wings Tutorial - By: Shinta

Learn how to create Butterfly Wings in Photoshop.

- Step 1
Ok, first off. Create a canvas with a black background. Immediately create a New Layer. Then using the Pen Tool create a "leaf shape" like the one shown below.
- Step 2
Right click on the layer and choose Make Selection . Feather Radius must be 0 and the Anti-aliased box checked. Do not deselect just yet.
- Step 3

Next to do is to choose Select > Feather . In this example, I set the Feather Radius to 5 . You can set your own value or follow the one I used.

Then, right click on the layer and select "Rasterize layer"

Delete the selection and you'll end up with this image[press delete].

- Step 4
Now, create duplicates of that "leaf shape" and rotate them to make a "fan". You can change the sizes and flip each part for contrast just like I did here.
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- Step 5

For this part, I've hidden the other layers so that you can understand this particular procedure.

Duplicate one leaf part and Choose Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. Depending on the angle of the leaf you have, adjust the angle of the blur to about +/- 10 degrees and the distance to about 50 so that you have a blur that sort of extends outward to the borders of your main leaf. Look at the picture below to see what I mean.

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