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- Photoshop Tutorials - Creating A Pounding Subwoofer - By: GraphixKid

Learn the easy way of creating a pounding subwoofer.

- Step 1
We start off with a nice image of a subwoofer.You can obviously use any speaker image, though.
Go to the Elliptical Marquee Tool...
- Step 2
and drag out a circle while holding down the Shift key to make a perfect circle.
Select on the outer rubbery ring, as in real life this rubbery ring bends as the speaker thumps.
- Step 3
Now, to make this realistic, we're going to actually bend the rubbery ring. By feathering the selection, it means the ring will bend more towards the center and not at all at the very outer edge. So feather your circle selection...
- Step 4
In this case, a 5 px feather works perfectly.
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- Step 5
Copy the image layer, then,with the copied layer selected, go to Filter>Distort>Spherize.
- Step 6
Only use a % of 7 in Spherize. Hit OK.

Now, right-click on your selection, and click Transform Selection.
Holding down Alt and Shift, take a corner point and drag the selction down to this size:

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