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- Photoshop Tutorials - Blending Styles - By: Heathrowe
Here's a quick color/photo manipulation using blending styles...yip, you read right, follow along to see how.
- Step 1
Here's the starting photo. A church in my neighborhood, surrounded by lush trees.
- Step 2
I've created a Set with the original photo called'autumn'.
I then duplicated it and positioned the copy version below the original in the layer stack.
- Step 3
Next, right-click on the original photo layer and choose 'Blending Options' as I have captured below.
- Step 4
In the main 'Blending Options' panel change the 'Blend If' default Grey to 'Blue' and then drag the far right 'Underlying Layer' slider to the left as I have captured below.
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- Step 5
Next, from the 'Color Overlay' blending option change to a color that best represents autumn leaves. (I used #F17F04) and change the 'Blending Mode' to 'Hue' as I have captured below.
- Step 6
Here's the final result. Quick and easy eh!
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